• Johannine: To carry out the mission of Jesus Christ the Messiah, Son of the living God, through the perspective of Saint John the Apostle and Evangelist; also known as the Beloved Disciple (John 13:23-25; 19:26-27; 20:1-10; 21:1-25; 21:20-23; 21:24). To this end, the Johannine Contemplative Community (JCC) follows and places emphasis on the Gospel according to St. John, the Letters/Epistles of St. John, and the Book of Revelation. Individuals called to this movement have a distinctive connection and relationship to Jesus by way of St. John the Apostle.  


  • Contemplative: St. Francis of Assisi was both contemplative and active (Mendicant; mixed life). He also lived a large part of his life in contemplation. We believe that the contemplative aspect of the Franciscan life has not been fully appreciated due to the overemphasis of apostolic activities (Raphael Brown, 1961). For this reason, we place an emphasis on the contemplative aspect of our Franciscan lifestyle, but do not exclude the active part of our heritage. These aspects work together, and the Community lives out the mixed life with contemplation as primary and the active secondary.


  • Community: Our community is a global Secular Franciscan community and consists of both Eastern and Western Rite Catholics. The Johannine Contemplative Community strives to build and enhance a global community, one that reaches and connects with Franciscan brothers and sisters worldwide who are called to contemplation.


  • Franciscan: We follow the Franciscan charism and the Secular Franciscan Rule according to Saint Francis of Assisi, with a particular emphasis on the contemplative life (OFS Rule; Way of Life #8); including Article 36 (#1) of the General Constitutions 2000.



The Johannine Contemplative Community devotes itself to forming a global Franciscan contemplative community, spiritual retreats, spiritual formation, and ecology.

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