Contemplative Community

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As Jesus was the true worshipper of the Father,
so let prayer and contemplation
be the soul of all they are and do

(Secular Franciscan Rule #8)


The Johannine Contemplative Community is a global Franciscan contemplative community that embraces both the Eastern and Roman/Latin Catholic Church teachings that is in full communion with the Pope. A central emphasis of the community is on the spiritual development of each member. Consequently, one’s openness and willingness to this is a crucial element of each community member.

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The JCC itself is an aspiring Private Association of the Faithful, we are not a Third Order; the Franciscan order does not have a Contemplative Third Order.


- We have recently posted this new website as a tool to evangelize and reach out to others that might be interested in a community devoted to the Franciscan Contemplative way of life.

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